Residential Security: Surveillance

poolmed_hiVideo Surveillance is a crucial layer of security for many homes. These systems continually provide an unbiased record of events to deter crime and ensure safety. Improvements in technology have made Video Surveillance a cost-effective management tool.

At ITG, our surveillance systems are all Digital Video Surveillance Systems. All activity is recorded onto a series of hard drives. Our system constantly stores the last month of activity for all cameras. Should an incident occur, it can be found with a few clicks of the mouse.

Our Digital Video Surveillance Systems can include the following features:

  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) – an IVA system identifies alert situations and brings events of interest to your attention
  • Real time viewing
  • Motion detection technology – record 24/7 or only when activity has taken place
  • Record up to a month of activity for all cameras
  • Make CD copies of video for local authorities
  • Advanced search features – pass instantly through historical events using built in calendar and time lines
  • Remote administration
  • Remote viewing and access – connect to your system from another site to monitor activity and even save video footage to your remote PC

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