Residential: Lighting & Shade Control

print_14Arrive to a warmly lit home with the touch of a button in your car. Enhance the beauty and comfort of your home while saving energy with lighting, shade, and temperature controls. While inside, control your environment with a hand-held remote, a wall-mounted keypad, or with your smart phone or tablet.

Lighting Control:

  • Dim your lights to conserve energy for a more efficient way of living
  • Prolong bulb life and reduce landfill waste and impact on our environment
  • Eliminate the need for using high-efficiency lighting which can potentially contain harmful pollutants
  • Automatically shut down unused devices when away or even on vacation

Temperature Control:

  • Heating and cooling costs account for 40% of the total energy consumption of the average home
  • Programmable thermostats reduce heating and cooling costs automatically
  • Save energy by shutting down the hot water heater when you go on vacation

Shades and Drapery Control:

  • Open shades and drapes during portions of the day to illuminate a room without using the lights
  • Reduce the heat generated from intense sunlight and lower cooling costs
  • Choose from hundreds of fabrics of varying opacity and color

Residential Lighting Control

Let ITG brighten your world and create the perfect environment for any occasion. Our Radio RA2 and HomeWorks certified design and installation team will make your home-life more productive, relaxed, efficient, dramatic, and simply more fulfilling.

Discover the ambiance and safety of home light control while saving energy and enhancing the functionality and pleasance of every room with a Lutron whole-home light and shade control system. Create a welcoming path of light from your car as you arrive at your home. Control lights from poolside to bedside, front entrance to family room, or before you retire for the night, simply lower your blinds, turn all the house lights off and set back temperature from the comfort of your bed with the “Goodnight” button. Not only can you control the lights that surround you, but also the lights halfway across your home—so you can rest assured no lights are left on, wasting energy

HomeWorks and Radio RA2 lighting control systems and electronic shade solutions can be installed into new or existing homes.

  • Save energy and extend lamp life by dimming your lights
  • Control the natural light in your home with intelligent shading systems
  • Easily integrated with home automation and entertainment systems
  • Complement décor with a wide array of styles, colors and finishes, fabrics and styles
  • Expand your system at any time with wireless switches, fan controls, shades and lamp dimmers
  • Simply add climate control components to control HVAC systems providing valued comfort, energy savings and convenience.

Commercial Lighting Control

Let our Lutron Radio RA2 and HomeWorks certified design and installation team brighten your surroundings and create the perfect environment for any need.

Conference room lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate activities ranging from audio/visual presentations and videoconferencing to brainstorming sessions. A room with such diverse functionality needs lighting to quickly adapt to each situation through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Lutron’s light management solutions can control all aspects of a conference room’s light through easy to use lighting control systems and electronic shading solutions, from daylight to electric light, with presets that users can access by pressing a single button.

Businesses and offices often have unique lighting requirements and a need to keep operating costs low. Whether your company is seeking to reduce energy usage or manage the quality of light, ITG can tailor a solution with a Lutron lighting control system and illuminate these spaces beautifully, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the building and offering a more pleasant work environment.

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