Lighting, Shade, and Temperature Control with Your Home Automation System

By Kayla Garritano

Some of our main focuses at ITG are lighting and motorized shade control. So, what does that entail?

Our team gives you the ability to brighten and dim lights around your home as you please in order to give that perfect look to your décor or simply create the right ambiance. We like to think of it as “painting by light.” We also give you the ability to open and close shades on your windows automatically, whether by time of day, how bright it is inside, or just manually with the press of a button. Everything can be done effortlessly, whether it’s from the comfort of your own couch or from the complete opposite side of your home.

Not only are comfort and ease beneficial factors of automatic lighting and shade control, but so is energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run. Let’s not forget, we are all doing our part to help out the ecosystem.

Ever go on vacation and forget to shut something down? Think about all the times you’ve left lamps on to make it seem like you were home. All that electricity is going to waste unnecessarily. A scene that puts your home in “vacation” mode will ensure these devices are shut down and can create the illusion of someone being home turning lights on and off at different times throughout the day.

Did you know you’re able to schedule when you can automatically turn your lights on and off? How about being able to automatically dim your lights in any room, even when you’re away?

A home automation system can give you the ability to set a timer for when your lights turn on, off, or dim, giving you another beneficial financial factor, as well as a mental one. Your smart house will put your mind at ease. Set the times, set the lights, choose what lights in which rooms, and let the home automation system do the rest.

If you’re not planning a trip, there are also plenty of options when you’re just relaxing at home. For example, maybe you’d like to dim the lights in your living room to set the mood for a movie. With a home automation system, you’re able to set different scenes just to your liking. From all the lights on, to just a few lights, to no lights at all, you are able to choose the best option for you.

It doesn’t stop at the living room. Picture the kitchen: You’re cooking a nice dinner at the stove, but you don’t need the whole kitchen lit up. With the power of light control, you can program your kitchen to have different settings. Program your system to set a scene for “Cooking” or one specifically for “Dining.”

We also work with state-of-the-art Light-Emitting Diode technology, also known as LED lighting. Compared to a typical light bulb, LED lights are more efficient at turning energy into light, meaning less of the energy radiates from the bulb as heat. They can consume up to 90% less power than a normal incandescent bulb. Did we also mention that both money and energy are saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan? LED lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is forty times as long as the average incandescent bulb.

Our home automation systems can also give you the ability to automatically open and close shades and drapes any time of the day. Watching a movie midday? With a press of a button, lower your shades to create the ambiance of a movie theater. Want to bring in some more natural light and decrease your cost of lighting? Just press a button on the controller to have your shades roll up. There are hundreds of fabrics of varying opacity and color to choose from to ensure the perfect shade for your home’s decor.

With a home automation system, we can also help you with temperature control. Your home’s heating and cooling costs account for approximately 40% of your home’s total energy consumption. By adding temperature control to your system, you’ll be able to regulate when you want to lower or raise the temperature in your home, so it is not always turned on. By doing so, you will once again be lowering your overall costs.

Your house won’t be the only place you’ll want this home automation system. Think about your work space. What about the conference room? Or the break room? Even your own office. Wouldn’t it be nice to dim the lights and lower the shades to set the mood for a presentation? Or even turn down the thermostat overnight when no one is working? We can make this happen.

Think of all the money you will save when cutting down on unnecessary lighting, heating, or air conditioning in your home and/or workplace. Let our certified design and installation team make your life more productive, relaxed, efficient, and more fulfilling with the power of lighting, shade and temperature control.