Commercial Security, Surveillance

hudsongrillsigncameraVideo surveillance, or CCTV surveillance, is a crucial layer of security for commercial spaces, restaurants, and hospitals. These systems continually provide an unbiased record of events to deter crime and ensure safety. Improvements in technology have made video surveillance a cost-effective management tool.

Our Digital and Network Video Surveillance Systems can include the following features:

  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) – an IVA system identifies alert situations and brings events of interest, such as perimeter violations, to the attention of operators
  • Real time viewing
  • Motion detection technology – Record 24/7 or only when activity has taken place
  • Record up to a month of activity for all cameras
  • Make CD copies of video for local authorities
  • Advanced search features – pass instantly through historical events using built in calendars and time lines
  • Remote administration
  • Remote viewing and access – connect to your system from another site to monitor activity and even save video footage to your remote PC

As a retail client, add a layer of surveillance and easily detect unexpected profit loss with the installation of Retail Analytics Software. This software monitors Point of Sale (POS) activity and alerts management to irregularities based on key indicators such as voided transactions, no sales, refunds, etc. The data produced by this system, combined with surveillance video, greatly helps minimize loss.

Properly designed surveillance systems can lower costs and pay for themselves over and over again, as well as provide freedom for management to focus on other tasks. ITG offers advanced Digital and Network Video Surveillance systems designed to help you prevent theft, monitor critical systems, and protect your customers and employees, products, and facilities.