Commercial: Security/Access Control

access-controlElectronic access control, used in combination with Digital Video Surveillance, dramatically improves security and is the most effective method of controlling access to your office or facility. Inexpensive plastic access cards can be programmed to restrict access of specific areas to certain individuals while recording the time, date, and location of both authorized and unauthorized access attempts. These cards can also double as a form of photo-ID and again, are great for monitoring employee time and attendance, security patrols of the property, and limiting access to sensitive areas. Biometrics, such as hand or eye scanners, are also available to further elevate security at highly restricted sites.

Access control solutions can range from a simple authorized access system to an advanced access control system. Exception reports are delivered through secure internet connections, alerting management of any unauthorized access attempts. We offer a wide range of access control services and capabilities to all commercial, government, and institutional customers, including the following:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Entry/Exit Monitoring
  • Individual Identification – protects the security of all personnel
  • Local Traffic Flow
  • Biometrics – Use hand or fingerprint scanners in highly secure areas to limit impersonation or stolen access
  • Event History – know where your employees are and when
  • Time Zones – automated door-locking schedule
  • Access Levels – authorization controls define who can go where
  • Time and Attendance – consolidate payroll information
  • Enhance the Alarm System – keeps sensitive areas sensitive
  • Parking Control – gate access to parking lots
  • Elevator Control – floor-by-floor access control
  • PC-based Controls – easy to set up, easy to use