Commercial: Lighting, Temperature & Shade Control

boardroom-29-shadeSave energy by using technology to enhance the beauty, efficiency and comfort of your business. A custom-designed system enhances your environment, productivity, and helps the bottom line.

Lighting Control:

  • Dim your lights to conserve energy for more efficiency
  • Prolong bulb life and reduce landfill waste and impact on our environment
  • Eliminate the need for using high-efficiency lighting which potentially contains harmful pollutants
  • Automatically shut down unused devices

Temperature Control:

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs automatically during off hours

Shades and Drapery Control:

  • Open shades and drapes during portions of the day to illuminate a room without using the lights
  • Reduce the heat generated from intense sunlight while lowering cooling costs and increasing employee productivity by achieving preferred light levels
  • Choose from hundreds of fabrics of varying opacity and color