Commercial: Audio/Video, Video Conferencing

Professional video conferencing allows two or more geographically dispersed parties to communicate with “HD quality” video and sound. Communication is more effective when things such as body language, related documentation/graphics, and data are visible while parties speak.

Video conferencing is no longer limited to large corporations with deep pockets. It greatly reduces the time, effort, and cost involved in getting multiple parties together. It also provides an excellent tool for schools and universities to share talented teachers and special courses with one another.

Video conferencing systems range from simple site-to-site connections to advanced, multiple-site, collaborative environments networked through secure internet connections.

We offer a wide range of video conferencing solutions to all commercial, government, and institutional customers which include the following features:

  • “HD quality” – crisp video connections of 30 frames per second
  • Sound tracking – cameras that automatically follow and focus on location of sound – see who is talking in the room without moving the camera manually
  • Excellent audio quality – use normal voices even from the back of the room – no need to shout to accommodate remote participants
  • Electronic white boards – touch-sensitive white boards for diagrams or pc control to capture data and share real time
  • Record meeting – digital video recorder allows the meeting/session to be played at a later time
  • Multiple screens – see the person speaking while also viewing data.

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