Better Living

We understand ALL your technology and security needs.

Either you’ve built or are building the home of your dreams. If you’re like some of our customers you’ve agonized over every feature and detail so your home looks like it belongs in a magazine. Who knows, maybe you home was even featured in one!

Now you, like some of our other customers, realize that your dream home is missing conveniences, like automated lighting, centralized entertainment, motorized shades, remote access surveillance system and even a simple to use home theater system that was easy to control.

Our residential customers can be classified as either homeowners who worked with us from the beginning of their project, or homeowners who had a system installed by another company.

The best situation for everyone is to use ITG, starting with the design phase of your project. You’ll benefit from our experience in designing systems to meet your home’s needs and your lifestyle requirements. ITG will be with you very step of the way, including training and post installation support.

However, if you’re a homeowner that hired and AV company that recommended the “best” system available or followed a builder’s recommendation without concern you’re your lifestyle. There is hope. ITG can help.

Some of our customers realized that their systems were not working for them, creating frustration, annoyance and a waste of precious time. They called ITG to help fix their systems and make them easy to use. Now they focus their time on enjoying their homes with family and friends.

At ITG, we use a different approach. We talk to the customer to understand their level of technical experience and what they’re looking to accomplish with our services. We believe that every customer is different and they are the ones using our product on a daily basis. Our systems are installed to make homeowners lives better, not frustrate them. Our systems integrate into their lifestyle, and not the other way around. We let the needs of the customer dictate the technologies and products we use in our systems and not the cost.

ITG creates a safer, more convenient and simplified home by designing and integrating today’s latest technologies into our customer’s home in a way that fits their lifestyle. This is what ITG calls Better Living.

If your currently frustrated about any of the technology you have in your home including internet, entertainment, temperature control, security or lighting give us a call today to discuss your options.

If you’re currently planning or in the middle of a construction project, call us today to discuss how ITG can make living in your home convenient, frustration-free and safer.


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