Welcome to ITG

At Intelligent Technology Group (ITG), we believe technology should facilitate the exchange of ideas, improve your workplace experience and secure all your spaces. All of these contribute to making your business more efficient, profitable—and just better. Everything we do is directed toward making this a reality, in a way that is easy to use and manage.

Our work is divided up into two categories: Commercial and Residential.

What does this entail? At ITG, we can help you design the best space for your work environment as well as your living situation.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to create your perfect environment set in your every day surrounding.

Commercial holds the opportunity for Lighting and Shade Control, Security, and Audio Systems  with features such as Media Walls, Video Conferencing, Boardrooms, and Hospitality and Entertainment.

Residential provides similar yet different opportunities for Lighting and Shade Control and Security, but also can provide you with several Audio and Video features such as Home Theaters, Automation, and Data, Phone, and Cabling.

Home Automation, Lighting Control, Shade Control, Home Theaters, Climate Control and Security and Surveillance systems in both your everyday home use and in your everyday business lifestyle are just some of the features in the intelligent world of technology…all controlled from the touch of a button or automatically.

We talk to our customers to understand their level of technical experience and what they’re looking to accomplish with our services. We believe every customer is different and they are the ones using our product on a daily basis.

ITG’s highly-trained engineers service the tri-state area including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, in locations such as Manhattan NYC, Westchester County and more.

We look forward to working with you!